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about us

Teletherm Pvt Ltd. has been formed by a group of professionals who have years of experience in

  • Design, development and manufacturing of process control instruments.
  • Marketing and serving of process control instruments.
  • Software application development in process control instrumentation field.

Teletherm Pvt Ltd. products are available for immediate delivery and include Sensors & Transducers, Signal Conditoners, Signal Multipliers, Transmitters, Interface Units, Power Supplies, NEON Plasma / LED Bar bargraph indicators, Micro Controller based Universal Input Digital Process Indicators/Controllers, Triple Amplifiers, Scanners, Data Acquisition Front Ends, Multiple Input Alarm Systems and Pressure Gauges.

We also offers finest Quality Gloabl Products to customers which includes PCI/ISA DAQ cards, Data Acquistion Cards, Professional IPC Cards, Online Electromagnetic Flow Meters, Insertion Type Electro Magnetic Flow Meters, Fuzzy Based PID Controllers, Smart Transmitters, Paperless Recorders, pH/ORP Electrodes/Transmitters, Conductivity Electrodes/Transmitters, Turbidity Cell/Transmitters, DO Cell / Transmitters, FRC Cell / Transmitters, Ultrasonic Level Swithces/ Transmitters, Capacitance Level Switches / Transmitters, Open Channel Flow Meters, Head Mounted Temperature Transmitters, Intelligent Transmitters, Data Loggers, Pressure Transducers.

Our Mission
  • To provide affordable and cost effective solution in our area of specialization.
  • To achieve excellent satisfaction by providing high quality. and reliable products and solution in our area of spcialization
  • To provide excellent grwoth opportunities to the employees and maximum return to the Shareholders.
Our Vision

To be a Leader in Providing turnkey solution with Software Application in the Following Area:
  • Test & Measurment.
  • Automation.
  • Communication & Networking.
Quality Policy
  • Our Commitment to quality starts with top management and extends throughout the wntire work force.
  • Quality means confarmance of all requirements.
  • Conformance is obtained by prevention,not by detection or by screening.
  • Conforming materials and sub-assemblies are basic to quality and will be required from our suppliers.
  • Our people are dedicated to "Do it Right the First Time" and that is the expected performance of each individuals for each task.
  • "Quality products and services to our customer" is our daily task.

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